Why Pilot Needs A Hot Dog Cannon

Take a hot dog and bun, wrap it in foil, then shoot it into the crowd at a baseball game. What could go wrong?

But Wait! Pilot Needs A Hot Dog Cannon.

That’s right. We can think of 3 good reasons Pilot/Flying J should place at least one of these potato gun knockoffs in each truck stop.

  1. Shoot hot dogs directly into trucks at the fuel island. Drivers can order from the Pilot app, then roll down the window. The hot dog, bun and condiments will be neatly wrapped in foil and duct tape, landing in the cab.
  2. Using hot dog sized cuts of swim noodles, you can simply pop any driver with this behavioral tool any time he or she decides to leave the truck unattended at the fuel isle.
  3. Within the store, this can still be a handy tool for corrective action. No more free refills on coffee or soda. And what a great way to deal with shoplifters.


Tactical Trucker Tip

Stay out of Pilot Flying J

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