What Was Your First Car, Keeping Millennials Trucking

I can’t remember when I had this much fun with an episode. Last week I asked the Facebook page followers about their first car. We came up with some good, bad and downright embarrassingly ugly submissions.

As it turns out, your first cars were everything from a 69 Firebird with a 400 and 4 speed, to a VW Rabbit with a plywood hood. Whether people pointed and said COOL CAR, or just pointed and laughed, everyone remembers their first car.

We also talked about how to retain millennials as truck drivers, and we covered a few trucking stories.

Buck’s Top 3 Trucking Stories

Look Ma, No Shocks

The $25 No Test CDL

4.2 Million Dollar VA Fraud From A Trucking School

Tactical Trucker Tip

The Gatorade Emergency Tail Light Repair

Also, your feedback via Facebook, and the usual What Did We Learn segment.