What Is Hotshot Trucking? Art Bell Passes

What Is Hot Shot Trucking?

three hot shot trucking game changers
I put about 250K on this 07 Dodge. Although this one had the 6.7 engine, it was absolutely my favorite hot shot hauler.

This question came from a listener in the UK. I can totally understand why the term hotshot trucking would be confusing. It doesn’t mater what side of the pond you’re on. We’re all in a hurry to meet a delivery time. We’ll try to narrow it down.

Does hotshot trucking always involve a pickup truck? Are RV haulers hot shotters? What’s the difference between hot shot and expedited freight? We could go on and on with this one.

One thing that used to be a big advantage of the hotshot pickup setup was the ability to run under the radar. I spent 6 years hotshotting livestock with a dually and gooseneck trailer. I could count the encounters with law enforcement on one hand. Only once did I even receive a written warning. Elogs killed this advantage.

The Passing Of Art Bell

If you’ve been trucking as long as I have, you remember the kings of nighttime talk radio. At the top of the list were Dale Sommers (aka The truckin’ Bozo) and Art Bell. We talked about the late Dale Sommers back in episode 42. His show came on at midnight, eastern time. It wasn’t all trucking, but it was for truckers. Dale loved the industry.

Art Bell is another big name in all night radio. Running the same midnight time slot, I spent many a night listening to whoever had the best guest. Will it be trucking or UFOs. Is the paranormal more interesting than OOIDA. Bozo and Bell seem like 2 old friends I’ve never met. Now, I never will. Art Bell passed last week at the age of 72. Oddly enough, it was Friday, April 13th.

Those long nights will be missed. Blasting down the interstate, surfing the AM radio dial for whoever had the best show. Sometimes it was whoever had the best signal.