Two Cool One-Off Trucks, and One Crazy Bus Driver

Who doesn’t love a classic El Camino? Or better yet, a Pontiac El Catalina? They made thousands of Chevy El Caminos, but if you want the Pontiac version, there’s only one, a 1959 model. The good news, you can buy it in January, 2019. See for details.

While we’re on the topic of one-off vehicles, Don and I found this Eisenhauer Freighter on Sadly, the only remains of the truck appear to be the brochures. This truck was designed and advertised as a twin engine freight hauler, but it really has two complete drive trains.

The Trucking Industry’s Greatest Inefficiency?

The CEO of Convoy throws out some crazy numbers, but how crazy are they? Just where is the biggest inefficiency in trucking? We question the statements made in the CNBC interview. I’m writing this a couple of days after we’ve recorded the episode, but I’ve been checking up on his numbers. We will be following up next week.

California’s Independent Contractors

The new ABC rules to determine whether or not a worker is an independent contractor could pose several issues for California trucking companies. We found a great description at and found it quite interesting.


Drive It ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off – At Least The Steering Wheel

If you’re driving a new Freightliner or Western Star dump truck or other severe service version, you may want to see if this recall applies to your vehicle. See for details. You’ll find a related recall for a few Navistar trucks in the same article.

Other Show Notes has the story, complete with video. One crazy bus driver crosses a suspended bridge with a wood drive surface. We’re not talking school bus here. We’re talking a 3 axle tour bus. Just watch that bridge twist and flex.

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MacGyver repairs to landing gear handles

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