Why The Trucking Podcast Rocks

The Trucking podcast came about totally backwards. I bought the domain name last year, in an effort to draw attention to the trucking podcasts that already exist. I also wanted to join in and start a new podcast. I even recorded 3 episodes. They were awful. I abandoned the project, but the site remained. Although the site lay unattended for quite some time, I didn’t totally abandon the idea.

My next “light bulb” moment happened when I realized how hard it is to be entertaining as a one man show. You can be informative, even interesting. But great audio shows need interaction. Usually, this is done by involving callers, like Kevin Rutherford has on his show. It’s hard to draw callers to a podcast, for obvious reasons. To start, no one hears the first few episodes. Then you need a way to podcast live and draw interaction. There’s no easy way to do this. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Co-hosting is another great way to have built-in interaction. Although there are a ton of radio shows doing this, no one is doing a two man podcast for truckers.


Then the second “light bulb” moment. I drive a truck. I have for years. Although I’m now in a one ton pickup, I spent 12 years over the road. I’ve been in all the lower 48 states. I’ve been in nearly all of the border provinces of Canada. I am more than qualified to host the show, but I still need a co-host.

Don and I are 20 years apart in age. He’s my son, my oldest child. Although he wasn’t trucking when I first got into this crazy world of podcasting, he’s trucking now. Don gained employment with a beer distributor, earned his CDL and now runs a route. We also have the benefit of nearly always having Monday off. When we get together, we talk about life, trucking and other “guy” stuff. We also laugh like crazy. We’re a perfect match to co-host a show.

We both hope you enjoy the Trucking Podcast. We are having a blast putting these shows together. We will always try to bring you relevant, industry related content. We’ll also try to bring you a few of the other things we find interesting, humorous, or both. Should we miss something you think is important, please let us know. We just may talk about it.