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Today we will be talking with Todd Kalhar from DAT®. Todd joins us to talk about two new things. Trucker’s Edge Pro, and Trucker’s Edge 2.0. These two items bring owner operators more money-making tools and an easier user interface. Okay! No more techy words. An easier user interface simply means that Trucker’s edge is much easier to use than the older version.

Trucker’s Edge Pro

The new Pro account gives you everything the other plans give you, plus a few more moneymaking tools. If you just make one better choice now with these new tools, you could cover the subscription cost for 6 months or more.

New! 15 Day Lane Rates

The Pro plan provides you with 15 day broker to carrier lane rates. Know when you’re being lowballed and negotiate a better rate. You will also know when to move on to the next broker.

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A New Way To Think Of Tri-Hauls

Automatic triangle haul suggestions are also automatic. Todd will make you think of tha classic tri-haul in a different way. Okay. Taking advantage of this service could net you an extra $600 by going 100 miles farther. He gives us a money making real-time example.

Full North American Database

Have full access to US and Canadian loads.

Highest Paying Loads Listed First

Trucker’s Edge Pro gives you the ability to list the loads showing an offer first, highest to lowest. As they say, show me the money.

Try Trucker’s Edge Pro Free for 30 Days.

Just follow the link to Trucker’s Edge. Trucking Podcast listeners get a 30 day test drive. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and thousands to gain.

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Home On The Road

This started out as a listener question, but we think it will be a continuing thread. There are so many things that make a trucker feel at home on the road. Everything from the food you pack to the podcasts you listen to help make your life on the road more anchored.

We talk about food, bedding and a few gadgets.