Top 10 Online Resources and Training Schools for Freight Brokers

Note: This is a sponsored post by Eric Weisbrot of JW Surety Bonds. 

The freight brokerage industry plays a critical role in the transportation framework given that nearly all household and commercial items are shipped from one location to the next. Licensed brokers carry a substantial burden because of the intermediary position they hold within this framework, but not all aspects of the business come naturally to brokers.

Keeping up to date with training and education requirements is key to remaining successful as an established freight broker, or starting out on the right foot as a newly licensed broker. Below are the top ten online resources and training schools made available to freight brokers, no matter where they find themselves in the industry.

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions

One of the leading freight brokerage training schools online is offered through Brooke Transportation Training Solutions. The organization offers in-person classes in Texas, California, Florida and North Carolina, but it also provides a comprehensive online training and career center. The courses give freight brokers a foundational education in operating a sound business, skills necessary for the job including communication and sales, as well as marketing guidance. Courses range in cost depending on the location and the reach of the training.

Transport Training International

Transport Training International offers a variety of freight broker training classes both online and in-classroom, with downloadable materials and interactive training modules. The company stands out as an online resource for several reasons, including the fact that thousands of brokers have completed its training and the company provides ongoing support post-graduation. Transport Training International also offers guaranteed freight broker placement for those who want to work as an independent broker after completing the training.

American Broker Academy

The Seattle, Washington-based American Broker Academy is a well-known training resource for new and established freight brokers. It offers a variety of courses aimed at helping freight brokers stay compliant with regulation changes, understanding how to operate a business, negotiating rates, and communicating with customers. There are classes available at the Seattle location, but also several online courses and articles for those who prefer to learn remotely.

JPL Enterprises

Based in Florida, JPL Enterprises International operates a transportation management consulting firm that provides strategic training to freight brokers. Through educational DVDs, live in-person classes, and training-on-demand services, JPL is one of the most comprehensive freight broker training resources available online. The company also provides many articles relevant to the freight brokerage business that allows for individual education at one’s own pace.

Load Training

One of America’s largest freight broker training schools is Load Training, which offers home school freight training, live hands-on courses, and private freight training classes. The company also offers a free freight broker training kit for newly licensed brokers, as well as a substantial resource center that can be accessed anytime, online.

JW Bond Consultants

JW Surety Bonds also offers resources for freight brokers online, including an all-encompassing e-book on establishing a freight brokerage business as well as an up-to-date list of the top 12 freight broker training programs. The surety bond agency also provides several online resources to freight brokers above and beyond educational requirements, including bond pricing information, how to assess training programs, and how to operate a successful freight broker business.

While is not specifically geared toward freight brokers like some of the other online resources listed here, the website has several training programs available for free that are relevant to brokers in the business. The majority of the courses listed on the site are organized by the education institution offering the class, and nearly all are available at no cost.

Regulatory Resources

In addition to formal freight broker schools and training programs, it is necessary for brokers to keep up to date with regulatory changes and trends in the industry. The Department of Transportation offers some resources online, as does the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Some leading industry blogs also provide information and insight into upcoming changes to regulations relevant to freight brokers.

Online Articles and Forums

Blogs and freight broker forums can be invaluable online tools for new and established freight brokers. Some articles available online offer industry insights along with best practices in the ever-changing landscape of the business, while online forums allow for the easy connection with industry professionals. Checking in with these resources regularly helps freight brokers stay abreast of important information in the business.

Managing The Business

Top 10 Online Resources and Training Schools for Freight BrokersRegardless of the size or niche of a freight broker, there is a constant need for assistance in operating a successful, profitable brokerage business. Not all freight brokers are experts in the business management realm, but fortunately, there are ample online resources for helping in this crucial area. The Small Business Administration offers several guides for new business owners, including an interactive tool that gives direction on creating and updating a business plan. There are also several business management software solutions that help freight brokers keep up with the digital trends in the business, with a detailed list along with reviews and pricing found here.

The combination of these online training programs and resources can make all the difference in creating and sustaining a successful freight broker business.


Eric Weisbrot is the Chief Marketing Officer of JW Surety Bonds. With years of experience in the surety industry under several different roles within the company, he is also a contributing author to the surety bond blog.