Todd McCann From Trucker Dump Co-Hosts This One

Trucker Dump Podcast Host Todd McCann
I had a chance to meet Todd back in 2016. This was taken by our waitress at a Green Bay truck stop. I had no idea Todd could run that fast till he took off to catch her and retrieve his phone.

This episode should be fun. Don and his family are enjoying a 3-day camping weekend, and we were without him last week. I knew we needed a spectacular cohost for this episode, but Adam Carolla wouldn’t return my calls. The next bright idea was to see if Todd McCann would fill in, and he happily agreed.

Todd has been trucking just a bit longer than I have, and always with the larger OTR companies. I’ve spent the bulk of my career at small, family operated companies. The difference in our backgrounds makes for some fun conversation. Big company vs small, Evil Overlord vs Castle Curator and techie vs gearhead are just a few of our differences.  As a side note, Todd was a guest back on episode 108 which you can find here.

The biggest difference in our careers since Todd and I became friends is our job choices. Todd continued the over the road path, and it’s treated him well. On the other hand, I haven’t worked a 5 day work week since December of 2011, and that choice has been good for me and my family.

Trucker Dump Studios

podcast studio in a truck sleeperI’ve had the advantage of a home studio, as primitive as it may have been through the years. On the other hand, Todd has been recording Trucker Dump from his truck in most cases. How he deals with the background noise is a bold endorsement of his editing skills. Personally, I don’t mind the sound of trucks rolling in the background.

Today, Todd works for an LTL company and finally has weekends off. Maybe he’ll publish an episode of Trucker Dump a little more often.

I did send Todd show notes for this episode, but what you’re going to hear is 115 minutes of shiny object conversation. It was just too much fun to interrupt.

One thing we almost didn’t talk about was Todd’s book, Trucking Life. I wish this was available when I was deciding about going to a truck driving school. This book is a reality check for anyone considering a trucking career. Everything from your personal fitness and safety to handling your new found income is addressed in Trucking Life.

Todd has been writing at since 2012. You’ll find a wealth of great information on his site, a link to his books, and the links to subscribe to his podcast. Oh, and a bunch of great articles.