The Best 401K For Owner Operators

The best 401K for owner operators question was motivated by a Facebook message. The question was asked by a listener who’s thinking of making the change from company driver to owner operator. He’s a new listener, and was catching up on previous episodes. After catching Episode  176, he was curious about what an owner operator would do for a retirement plan.

The Best 401K For Owner Operators

Rather than take this on ourselves, we reached out to Dan Organ. Dan is the owner of Drake Tax service, and a friend of the show. The second half of this episode will be a conversation with Dan. He has some great news and recommendations involving a specific 401K for owner operators.

This Guy Really Wanted A Front Wheel Drive Corvette

We found this story at This car sounds like a hack job, but it’s fine enough to end up in the National Corvette Museum. The front wheel drive 79 ‘Vette is quite the GM mix. Within this fabrication is an Olds 350, an Eldorado and a THM 325 drive train.

What I can’t determine is just how the engine is mounted. Is it transverse or traditional front to back? I’m thinking the National Corvette Museum is on our bucket list, and hopefully within the next year or two. We’ll let you know what we learn when we see it.

California Playing Hardball With Loud Pipes

Peel off those Loud Pipes Save Lives stickers if you live in California. The state is going to a zero tolerance policy on enforcement. Check out the details at for all the bad news.

This Week’s End Of The World Update

Following the absolute stupidity of the dune buggy debacle in Texas, Michigan is declaring war on military surplus vehicles. This one is also found at The reason they’re doing this is absolutely idiotic.

All this, plus Buck’s fake news rant, wrapped up in one episode of The Trucking Podcast.