The $7,000 Jock Strap

We couldn’t pass this one up. The $7,000 jock strap belonged to Russell Crowe, He wore it in the movie Cinderella Man. Crowe auctioned the jock strap and many other items in an auction to settle his divorce. The auction was titled The Art Of Divorce.

$7,000 Jock Strap vs Fingernail Polish

We can’t help but discuss the array of masculine characters portrayed by Crowe in contrast with the lunacy taking place at UT Austin. The administration has decided they need to counter testosterone by encouraging male students to wear nail polish and dresses.

Where’s Dan?

Dan wasn’t MIA in this episode. Just a few minutes before we were to go live, Dan’s PC sound card decided to lock up. An update solved the issue, so he’ll join us in the next episode.

Last Man Standing Return?

The Castle Curator and I are fans of the Tim Allen sit-com Last Man Standing. The show was canceled after 6 seasons. Although Tim’s conservative political views played a part in ABC’s decision against renewing the show, there were financial reasons that added to the process.

The good news for Tim Allen fans is the show may be returning in the fall. Fox is negotiating with the cast to renew the show for a 7th season on Fox network. Since Fox was always the producer of the show, the transition to the Fox network would be quite simple.

Tactical Trucker Tip

I learned the hard way on this one. I use the heck out of my Android phone. When I have down time at work, I check blog and news feeds. I also write show notes and outlines for the podcast and other sites.

One of the things I count on the most is the ability to bookmark any news article that may be show worthy. I have – or had – dozens of great articles saved as bookmarks.

When The Smartphone Goes Blank

Yes, that’s what happened. My phone decided to do a complete factory reset. This could spell total disaster on the road.

Do you have a secondary location for the important numbers and information contained on your phone?

We finish the show with the usual What Did We Learn segment.