What Car Or Truck Will You Drive In 2030?

The heart of this episode is from a listener question. Luis asked “will there be V8s in pickup trucks in 15 years?” It’s 2019 as of this writing. So why are we not going to 2034? Let’s just say 2030 is already an epic year. I’ll tell you why. No, this isn’t conspiracy theory stuff. … Read more

Ask Buck and Don Anything

Ask Buck And Don Anything

Usually finding topics to bring up on the podcast isn’t hard to do. But I’ve recently returned from a 12-day vacation. For some reason, I just couldn’t get into it. Instead, I took the easy way out and asked all of you. So, here we go with Ask Buck And Don Anything. Before we get … Read more

Load Boards – Is LTL Better Than Multi-Stop?

Load Boards - Is LTL Better Than Multi-Stop?

LTL and multi-stop truck loads are certainly not for the lazy. It’s tough work to book, plan and perform. So why not ask the question, is LTL better than multi-stop when it comes to increasing revenue? Before we actually take the question on, let’s define what each category is, and how they work. We won’t … Read more