Three Proven Plays For Starting A Trucking Company

Three Proven Plays For Starting A Trucking Company

New owner operators have more options than ever, especially in a hot market. For those going independent and running the load boards, there are 3 common plays for starting a trucking company. Which plan is best is up to you. The one that brings the most income could make you miserable. These certainly aren’t the … Read more

Load Boards – Is LTL Better Than Multi-Stop?

Load Boards - Is LTL Better Than Multi-Stop?

LTL and multi-stop truck loads are certainly not for the lazy. It’s tough work to book, plan and perform. So why not ask the question, is LTL better than multi-stop when it comes to increasing revenue? Before we actually take the question on, let’s define what each category is, and how they work. We won’t … Read more

209. Tooth Paste, Sand Bags, and Smokey and The Bandit

Short and sweet show notes for this episode. The title says it all. I have a toothpaste story, and a sand bag story. After that, it’s Smokey and The Bandit trivia. Wrapped into that, we’ll have Buck’s Top 3, my favorite trucking news stories from the week. Why are show notes so short? I’m glad … Read more

165 1/2. Firing Up The Trucking Podcast

Buck and Don, The Trucking Podcast

Firing up the trucking podcast required a few new pieces of technology. Nothing requiring big bucks, but learning a few new tricks. This short episode is ment as an example of what could be done if you wanted to podcast this way. It’s certainly NOT the way we will record future episodes. Firing Up The … Read more

136. How To Stay Awake And Drive All Night, Dan Joins Us Once Again

The Trucking Podcast

Dan The Tax Man joins us for this episode. It should be fun. Once again I’m writing the post ahead of our actually recording the show. Here’s how it should go, but you know how accurate we are when it comes to sticking to an outline. Round Table Discussion About The Election I don’t want … Read more