Best Of – Why We Truck, Chick Cars

Everyone needs a little time off, and we are no different, but you still need a TPC fix. This week we brought back an episode from 2014. We’ve come a long way in 5 years. I did a bit of editing to bring you better sound, and to get rid of a few things that … Read more

Todd McCann From Trucker Dump Co-Hosts This One

Trucker Dump Podcast Host Todd McCann

This episode should be fun. Don and his family are enjoying a 3-day camping weekend, and we were without him last week. I knew we needed a spectacular cohost for this episode, but Adam Carolla wouldn’t return my calls. The next bright idea was to see if Todd McCann would fill in, and he happily … Read more

Is Trucking Worth It?

is trucking worth it

Is Trucking Worth It is the first article in a series. I’m calling this series Frequently Asked Trucking Questions. The goal is to answer the most common questions people ask about the trucking industry and truckers in general. I doubt seasoned truck drivers are asking these questions, but the general public is certainly looking for … Read more