5 steps To Find The Best Trucking Job The First Time?

Whether you’re an experienced truck driver or a fresh graduate of a truck driving school, you certainly hope the next job will be your last job. At the very least, you want to find a trucking company you can stay with for a few years. I’m going to walk you through how I did it. … Read more


The trucking industry is hurting for truck drivers, yet men and women under 21 still have a tough time finding trucking jobs. Why are companies so unwilling to hire 18 to 20 year olds? Where should you look if you don’t want to wait until your 21st birthday to start driving? Let’s start by answering … Read more

How To Find The Perfect truck Driving Job

The short answer is, define exactly what kind of work you are willing to do, where you want to go and how much home time and income you desire. Then search for jobs that fit your requirements. Let’s break it down into steps. Decide Exactly What You Will And Won’t Do Do you only want … Read more

Is Trucking Worth It?

is trucking worth it

Is Trucking Worth It is the first article in a series. I’m calling this series Frequently Asked Trucking Questions. The goal is to answer the most common questions people ask about the trucking industry and truckers in general. I doubt seasoned truck drivers are asking these questions, but the general public is certainly looking for … Read more

Shooting Holes In A Few Trucking Stories

One Killer 6 Banger TopSpeed.com has an interesting post on the GM 4.2 inline 6. It validates why I have faith in getting another 100k out of our new (used) Trailblazer. The Chevy is an 07 with 155,000 miles. It’s well equipped and in great condition. The original window sticker is still in the glove box, … Read more