200. Three Reasons The Trucking Podcast Lasted This Long

I hate to admit this, but The Trucking Podcast was almost an accident. I’d entered the wonderful world of podcasters long before this show came around. I’d also dabbled in launching a few other sites. After making the decision to either find a co-host or give up podcasting completely, my castle curator came up with … Read more

Start a Successful Trucking Company – By Defining Success

In this post I’ll be talking about how to start a successful trucking company. Whether you just bought your first truck or you’re adding to your fleet, it’s never too late to go back to some basics and define the success you’re trying to achieve. [bctt tweet=”Whether you’re buying trucks, finding freight or interviewing a … Read more

146. Load Boards, Lanes and Rates – Don’t Make These Mistakes

I wanted to call this episode of Load Boards, Lanes and Rates the 5 ways to get your ass kicked, but I wasn’t sure how Google or iTunes would like it. We’ll just go with Don’t Make These Mistakes. I can’t say these mistakes will definitely cause you to fail, but it sure increases the … Read more