Trucker’s Edge Pro, Home On The Road

Trucker's Edge Pro

Today we will be talking with Todd Kalhar from DAT®. Todd joins us to talk about two new things. Trucker’s Edge Pro, and Trucker’s Edge 2.0. These two items bring owner operators more money-making tools and an easier user interface. Okay! No more techy words. An easier user interface simply means that Trucker’s edge is … Read more

148. Load Boards, Lanes and Rates – What Brokers Like


How To Find Out What Brokers Like That’s simple. Just Google the words, what brokers like. I found a few great articles. One of the best came from the DAT blog. There’s an old saying in sales. “You can get anything you want out of life if you just help others get what they want.” … Read more

139. Sandy Cahill from Trucker’s Edge Joins Us Today

Trucker’s Edge Don and I have been warning you about the insanity August was going to be as far as the podcast was concerned. Camping trips, vacation and a move across the state have my podcasting schedule totally out of sync. Fortunately, Sandy Cahill from Trucker’s Edge helped us out and co-hosted an episode. We … Read more