TA Petro Reserved Parking, Just Buck’s Opinion

Before I get into my opinion of TA Petro reserved parking as a solution to the truck parking shortage, let’s back up and take a quick history lesson. We need to know a few things before we take on the whole paid parking issue. I’m sure every trucker agrees that we do have a serious … Read more

Why You Want The New Chevy Tri-Power Silverado

Yeah, Tri-Power. Chrysler called it a Six-Pack, but GM’s Pontiac division called it Tri-Power. It was 3 two-barrel carburetors in a neat line. They sat upon a V8 and looked totally badass.  What’s not to like. I’m not really sure what the long game is with GM, but the short game is to draw some … Read more

171. Fake News And Morning Shows

Fake News

Fake news is the latest buzz word out of just about every major news organization. But the fake news I’m finding is in the typical morning show that keeps hard working folks entertained on their way to work. Equipped with an unlimited data plan for my phone, and a brand spanking new Kenworth with a … Read more

63. Rare 60’s Engines, Class 8 Truck Racing

U.S. Class 8 Truck Racing Class 8 truck racing is back. Called the Champ Truck Racing Series, the rules are set up to keep the cost of entry low. Small or large, any trucking company could afford to get into this if they desire. Read the full article at Truckernews.com. Be Safe and Drive All … Read more

21. Truck Parking Shortage. Where’s The Beef?

Parking Shortage So everyone’s talking about the truck parking shortage. Is it real? Is is a problem? I the truck parking shortage really to the point of needing government intervention? You would have to have the intelligence of a turnip or be a Kool-Aid drinking member of NATSO to think there is no shortage of … Read more