The Dirty Truth About Electric Cars And Trucks

Before we dig into the dirty truth about electric cars and trucks, I’d like to give you my slant, my view of the world as it pertains to the new wave of vehicles coming on board. I’m a trucker, gear head, and someone concerned about both the social and environmental impact of these new vehicles. … Read more

7 Power Moves For Posting Your Truck On Load Boards

7 Power Moves For Posting Your Truck On Load Boards

In any economy, the best loads offered by freight brokers never make it to the load board. Those loads either go directly to an owner operator the broker already has a relationship with, or to someone who posted their truck on a load board like Trucker’s Edge®.

7 Power Moves For Posting Your Truck On Load Boards

Let’s recap where the best freight is found. With rare exceptions, the 4 ways you find these loads, listed from best to – well, calling off the load board.

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Tesla, Nikola and Old Classic Trucks

Dying Breed Diesels

Trucks old and new are on deck for this episode. Let’s start with the new. What’s In Tesla’s Future? It’s starting to look  like Tesla is coming apart at the seams. First, the now Model 3 is having it’s fair share of setbacks. Untrained people doing quality control, faulty battery packs assembled in haste and … Read more

190. The Dog Ate My Homework

Excuses are like… well, you know. We all have one. Hopefully, mine are coming to an end. This pile of cabinets will be well on their way to being installed in our kitchen by the time this episode is published. The kitchen remodel is the last big project in our new home. I am totally … Read more

137. Buck and Don Are At It Again

The craziness will continue for a few more episodes as Don and I prepare for the split studio shows that will start taking place in late August. Until then, it’s anything goes. Here’s what’s on the agenda in this episode. My thoughts about the 2011 Freightliner I’m currently driving. Why did America’s big 3 build … Read more