My Wife Spends All My Money

My Wife Spends All My Money

Seriously, I wouldn’t write about this if I didn’t hear it regularly. My wife spends all my money is a major objection for why some men can’t buy a truck and start their own trucking company. Kris and I have been married for 35 years and owned a business or two. We’ve also raised 3 … Read more

Want To Be An Owner Operator?

This is a flashback episode. While Kris and I are basking in the Florida sun, you can catch some great advice from Dan Organ. He’s our go-to tax guy. This conversation was originally recorded in August 2015, but it’s still quite relevant. Dan is also quite entertaining. Don, the Castle Curator and I will be back … Read more

Hello, Drake Tax Service – Dan Is Back

“Hello, Drake Tax Service.” That’s how Dan answers his phone. During tax season, it’s how he ends his witty Facebook posts that are tax related. Dan Organ is the owner of Drake Tax Service. He’s been our tax man for 20 years, and a personal friend nearly as long. You’ll love his energy and enthusiasm … Read more

216. Kevin Rutherford’s Bogus Bust

Kevin Rutherford's bogus bust

Okay, I’m not a big conspiracy theory kind of guy. But I do believe the deep state has a pretty large data base. I also think they have their own agenda. That leads us to the story of Kevin Rutherford’s bogus bust. Kevin told the story on an episode of Let’s Truck. Just look for … Read more