Trucking In The Morning Is Back

Yes, I am back with more episodes of Trucking In The Morning. In this episode I’ll explain a few things about this part of the website.

  • The reason I do them
  • Why I’ve decided to keep it as a video production
  • How often I’ll be publishing a new show
  • How you can participate by providing content


International Is Back In The Hot Shot Game – Or Are They?

Trucking Podcast New Studio

International introduces it’s new 4500 an 5500 trucks. These class 3 and 4 offerings appear to be nothing more than a Chevy truck with the Duramax engine. Other than the grill and emblems, we see little difference. And where do you go for service and warranty work? It’s hard to find firm statistics on Ford, … Read more

151. Two Cool Cabovers, Buck Rebuilds the Man Cave.

Don and I had a lot of plans and changes in mind as the show took on a logistical overhaul in August. Giving listeners a chance to catch the show live, integrating an occasional phone call and creating an app for the show are all on the table. Before any of that can happen, we … Read more

Trucking Podcast Corporate Office Tour

As we get rolling on the creation of a better video page, we thought we would start by showing you where it all comes together. Don and I record the show right here, in a small corner of my garage. The 5×5 studio isn’t fancy, but it gets the job done.