Top 7 Reasons Truck Driving Is So Dangerous

Over the decades, drivers have always faced an element of danger. Back in the day it was an excess of narrow 2 lane roads, little or no snow removal, and poor communication between drivers and their employers. They had pay phones, CB radios and little else. Today we have one of the world’s most impressive … Read more

The Death Of The Glider Kit

Death Of The Glider Kit

Buck Predicts The Death Of The Glider Kit With the EPA’s on again, off again glider legislation, the court’s interference and congress sticking their nose in on the debate, the glider kit is on it’s way out. The glider kit isn’t just an owner operator play. Several major fleets have been getting in on the … Read more

Buck’s Incident Report, and Our Daughter Kelly In The Studio

Buck's Incident Report

This episode was technical mayhem. It took 2 sound boards, 3 microphones, 3 computers and an extra monitor to bring Don in via Google Hangouts with all of us. Oh, and we also streamed live on the Facebook page. We’re glad to have our daughter Kelly join us in the studio this week. Kelly filled … Read more

202. DOT Cop In The Studio 2

DOT cop in the studio

Kevin Colton, DOT Cop (Retired) In The Studio This week is another episode of DOT Cop In The Studio, plus Buck’s Top 3. But it’s not all trucking. I had a few questions for Kevin, but only a couple are specifically aimed at trucking. I think you’ll enjoy them all. Here are a few things … Read more

195. DOT Cop In The Studio

Well, it’s not quite a DOT cop in the studio. Let’s try retired DOT cop on the phone. While that’s a bit more accurate, it’s nowhere near as catchy. Today’s guest is Kevin Colton, PTI’s safety director in Atlanta, GA. With his background in trucking, law enforcement, motor carrier enforcement and now on the PTI … Read more