7 Hotshot Trucking Niches You Could Rock At

7 Hotshot Trucking Niches You Could Rock At

This post is about 7 hotshot trucking niches you can enter and rock at. Some of these are categories I’ve worked in. Others, I either have friends working them or talked with drivers on the road. Some of these are regional plays. Others are more lane dependent. It’s up to you to decide whether or … Read more

120. Trucking The Way You Like To Truck

the way you like to truck

Dreaming of Trucking The Way You Like to Truck We can’t talk about trucking the way you like to truck without first making a little twist in words. We talked back in episode 115, Why I Love Flatbed Trucking, about new words. You can follow the link to listen. In that episode, we talked about … Read more

88. Advice For A Struggling Hot Shot Trucker

hot shot trucking advice

Show Notes – In No Particular Order I had a chance to give a little bit of advice to a hot shot trucker. After a bad experience with the company he was leased on with, he really needed to get back on his feet. You will have to listen to the show for details. Common … Read more

40. Hot Shot Trucking

We knew Thanksgiving week was going to be tough. Don worked Monday and we had no other chance to do a show together. The choice was to either skip a show, or for me to host one on my own. I can’t say that I enjoy doing a solo show, but it worked for today. … Read more