Trucking In The Morning Is Back

Yes, I am back with more episodes of Trucking In The Morning. In this episode I’ll explain a few things about this part of the website.

  • The reason I do them
  • Why I’ve decided to keep it as a video production
  • How often I’ll be publishing a new show
  • How you can participate by providing content


Todd McCann From Trucker Dump Co-Hosts This One

Trucker Dump Podcast Host Todd McCann

This episode should be fun. Don and his family are enjoying a 3-day camping weekend, and we were without him last week. I knew we needed a spectacular cohost for this episode, but Adam Carolla wouldn’t return my calls. The next bright idea was to see if Todd McCann would fill in, and he happily … Read more

206. The Trucking Podcast In 2018

The Trucking Podcast has been plugging along for 206 episodes now. Rolling into the new year is a great time to share our thoughts on where we’re headed for 2018. I don’t want to define these as goals. Too much can change in a year. Let’s just consider the the directions we want to head … Read more