7 Proven Questions For Buying A Used Hotshot Pickup

Buying a used hotshot pickup

After trucking well over 2 decades, I know a thing or two about buying a hotshot pickup.  Nearly 7 of those years were spent on the hotshot side. Through the years, I’ve been involved in selecting several trucks. One of the trucks was mine, and several were company trucks. Running many of these trucks harder … Read more

5 Fantastic Tow Vehicles That Will Turn Heads

5 Fantastic Tow Vehicles That Will Turn Heads

If you’re like us, you have a camper, a boat, or something you need to tow. We have a 21′ camper and we’re using an 07 Chevy Trail Blazer as a tow rig. The 4.2 liter 6 banger does fine, but you’ll notice it didn’t make our list. Although we think our SUV looks just … Read more

International Is Back In The Hot Shot Game – Or Are They?

Trucking Podcast New Studio

International introduces it’s new 4500 an 5500 trucks. These class 3 and 4 offerings appear to be nothing more than a Chevy truck with the Duramax engine. Other than the grill and emblems, we see little difference. And where do you go for service and warranty work? It’s hard to find firm statistics on Ford, … Read more

Why You Want The New Chevy Tri-Power Silverado

Yeah, Tri-Power. Chrysler called it a Six-Pack, but GM’s Pontiac division called it Tri-Power. It was 3 two-barrel carburetors in a neat line. They sat upon a V8 and looked totally badass.  What’s not to like. I’m not really sure what the long game is with GM, but the short game is to draw some … Read more

Navigating The Used Car Lot Game

Oh, the angles we could take on navigating the used car lot game. The wheeling and dealing, financing and warranties are all great topics. Let’s put all that aside for now and go back to the used car search. How did that used car end up where you’re seeing it? I use the word CAR … Read more