15 Features I Absolutely Require On My Next Pickup Truck

15 Features I Must Have On My Next Pickup Truck

Okay, I admit it. The title is a bit misleading. These are my requirements, but many of them are features I absolutely don’t want. I’m a rather simple man and I’d prefer my next truck matches my personality in that way. With that in mind, read on. 1. A Real Spare Tire And Jack No … Read more

Two Cool One-Off Trucks, and One Crazy Bus Driver

Who doesn’t love a classic El Camino? Or better yet, a Pontiac El Catalina? They made thousands of Chevy El Caminos, but if you want the Pontiac version, there’s only one, a 1959 model. The good news, you can buy it in January, 2019. See Hemmings.com for details. While we’re on the topic of one-off … Read more

What Is Hotshot Trucking? Art Bell Passes

What Is Hot Shot Trucking? This question came from a listener in the UK. I can totally understand why the term hotshot trucking would be confusing. It doesn’t mater what side of the pond you’re on. We’re all in a hurry to meet a delivery time. We’ll try to narrow it down. Does hotshot trucking … Read more

213. Pickups, Cowboy Hats and Dive Bars

pickup truck dive bar

We’re veering off the beaten path of trucking this week. Instead, we’re talking about pickups, cowboy hats and dive bars. I love the first two, and have a fair amount of experience with the third. These were all inspired by the ol’ email in-box. I subscribe to an abundance of websites and blogs, then cherry … Read more