Why Do Big Trucking Companies Broker Out Some Loads?

Why do big trucking companies broker out some loads?

Years ago, I was dispatched a load that my employer booked through a large carrier. I was 350 miles from home on a Friday morning. That load was my ticket to dinner with the family. BUT NO! That load of scrap-paper bales was already on a trailer. Somehow, the weight of the scrap and the … Read more

146. Load Boards, Lanes and Rates – Don’t Make These Mistakes

I wanted to call this episode of Load Boards, Lanes and Rates the 5 ways to get your ass kicked, but I wasn’t sure how Google or iTunes would like it. We’ll just go with Don’t Make These Mistakes. I can’t say these mistakes will definitely cause you to fail, but it sure increases the … Read more

131. Risk Management With Dan Organ, Buck’s New Job

Drake Tax Service

Risk management is the subject at the center of this episode. No Risk management discussion would be complete without having Dan Organ from Drake Tax Service involved in the conversation. We’re glad he was able to join us. Dan has been our go-to guy for taxes since 1999. Just follow the link to find out … Read more

Where Are The Top Trucking Jobs? One Answer Will Surprise You

Top Trucking Jobs

We’re all in search of those top trucking jobs. You know the ones. Great pay, nice equipment, fantastic home time. Recruiters promise it. Churning drivers go from company to company in search of it. But they’re left with the same question. So Where Are Those Top Trucking Jobs? Before I give you my answer, let’s … Read more