7 Tools To Finding Higher Paying Truck Loads

Higher Paying Loads

7 tools For Finding Higher Paying Truck Loads The goal of every independent owner operator is always to find higher paying loads. But it seems that 95% of the independents find enough load board freight to keep their heads above water, slip into a comfort zone and stay there. That’s a major reason the average … Read more

How To Get Higher Paying Loads


Want to know how to get higher paying loads? Who doesn’t? What prompted this post was a phone call from a friend. He took a load that paid $700. While signing paperwork with the shipper, he saw the original fax sheet from the broker. The shipper paid $1,200 to have that load covered. My friend … Read more

70. Buying a Car or Truck. Tips and Tricks From Buck’s Car Salesman Days.

No Money Down

Buying a Car or Truck If you’ve listened to this show for long, you know I used to sell cars. I’ve worked as a salesman and a closer. I’ve also spent a fair amount of time working in the finance office in a couple of large dealerships. In this episode, I will share a few … Read more