Freiburger’s Disgustang – From Boneyard To Daily Driver

What does the Disgustang have to do with trucking? Absolutely nothing, but it’s just too cool to not talk about. The humorously nicknamed 69 Mustang Mach 1 is a junkyard rescue, and the subject of a couple of previous episodes of RoadKill. If you know me at all, you’ll know that RoadKill is my all time favorite gearhead show.

Freiburger’s Disgustang

Sidenote: There’s a tribute to the late Micky Thompson on this car. Did you catch it in the video?

You can learn a little about the car and the build in this video. You can also catch some of the RoadKill episodes on YouTube. If you’re really a fan, spend 5 bucks a month for Motor Trend On Demand.

This car inspires me because of what it demonstrates to automotive enthusiasts. Granted, the Mustang was built by someone with access to some pretty cool resources. No doubt, these resources kicked in a lot of free or discounted parts and labor.

The real inspiration is that you can drag a decent carcass of a car out of a garage, barn or wrecking yard. When you’re not worried about perfect, you can make a lot of your own panels, floor boards, or whatever, weld them in and do your best to match what’s there.

Choose your own engine and trans, suspension and other components. Build your car as time and budget allow. knowing you’re $40 or $50 grand ahead by not trying to restore the full body and paint, you can create a badass daily driver.

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