The Dodge Challenger They Shouldn’t Have Made.

When you think of vintage Dodge Challenger, this is not what comes to mind. Gas was hitting a buck a gallon. People wanted economy and were finding it in imports from Japan and Germany. Chrysler was right on track when they brought us this re-badged Mitsubishi. Sticking the Challenger badge on the little import was … Read more

133. A 2016 4 Banger Camaro I Could Love.

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What is it? Other than a 4 banger Camaro, I’m not sure what to call this thing. It’s a combination of several things I never could see myself owning. Keep in mind, I proudly drive a 4 banger PT Cruiser. In my own defense, it’s a GT Turbo. And it’s a convertible. It’s light, fast … Read more

129. Pinning Down The Percentages, The Best Cars Of The 80’s

The trucking life is all about balance. The truck, the run, even the home time. It’s all about balance. That new truck might be great, but the payment is so big it keeps you awake at night. And what good is a great pay check when you’re never home to enjoy it with your family. … Read more