Two Cool One-Off Trucks, and One Crazy Bus Driver

Who doesn’t love a classic El Camino? Or better yet, a Pontiac El Catalina? They made thousands of Chevy El Caminos, but if you want the Pontiac version, there’s only one, a 1959 model. The good news, you can buy it in January, 2019. See for details. While we’re on the topic of one-off … Read more

100. Don The Beer Guy MacGyvers A Semi, Delivers Holiday Beer On Time

Montana Rat Rod

Snow is on it’s way and this hot shotter needs to roll. Show notes will be short and sweet. MacGyvering a semi truck with Chewing gum. Yep! From total shutdown and a No Engine light, to a running truck. And only using chewing gum and his handy multi-tool. Don got it done and made his … Read more