149. Building Your Trucking Brand, Killer Motor Home

build your trucking brand

Building Your Trucking Brand, Not Just Your Trucking Business Are you building your trucking brand? You buy a truck, stick your name on it, get your own authority and go for broke. That’s what most independent truckers do. They may list their wife and kid’s names on the side as the pit crew. Cute. It … Read more

148. Load Boards, Lanes and Rates – What Brokers Like


How To Find Out What Brokers Like That’s simple. Just Google the words, what brokers like. I found a few great articles. One of the best came from the DAT blog. There’s an old saying in sales. “You can get anything you want out of life if you just help others get what they want.” … Read more

144. Load Boards, Lanes and Rates – Myth Buster’s Style

Welcome to the first Load Boards, Lanes and Rates midweek show. Don and I had several conversations about whether or not this should be a midweek episode of The Trucking Podcast. The other option was to make it a completely separate show. Needless to say, keeping it at home with our regular show has won … Read more

129. Pinning Down The Percentages, The Best Cars Of The 80’s

The trucking life is all about balance. The truck, the run, even the home time. It’s all about balance. That new truck might be great, but the payment is so big it keeps you awake at night. And what good is a great pay check when you’re never home to enjoy it with your family. … Read more

Should You Use Free Load Boards?

Free Load Boards

Free load boards are always in the eye of the independent owner operator, experienced or just striking out on their own. You start out with the goal of finding your own freight, knowing that your truck has to generate cash flow. Even after you succeed in finding that high paying head haul, load boards have a place in … Read more