What Is Trucker's Edge Ultimate Guide

Trucker’s Edge is a subscription load board uniquely designed and offered by DAT, the internet’s biggest load board. Designed for independent owner operators, Trucker’s Edge was built with a focus on owners with 1-5 trucks. Trucker’s Edge offers 3 plans, from $39.95 to 99.95 per month. They also have a free mobile app for use … Read more

How To Find The Best Hot Shot Truck Loads – 9 Actionable Steps

Hotshot truck loads aren’t hard to find, but the best ones require a little more focus and skill to find and book. Furthermore, it takes the commitment of a pro to haul for that same customer, over and over. Although you’re most likely finding most of your loads through a load board now, this certainly … Read more

Three Proven Plays For Starting A Trucking Company

Three Proven Plays For Starting A Trucking Company

New owner operators have more options than ever, especially in a hot market. For those going independent and running the load boards, there are 3 common plays for starting a trucking company. Which plan is best is up to you. The one that brings the most income could make you miserable. These certainly aren’t the … Read more

148. Load Boards, Lanes and Rates – What Brokers Like


How To Find Out What Brokers Like That’s simple. Just Google the words, what brokers like. I found a few great articles. One of the best came from the DAT blog. There’s an old saying in sales. “You can get anything you want out of life if you just help others get what they want.” … Read more