216. Kevin Rutherford’s Bogus Bust

Kevin Rutherford's bogus bust

Okay, I’m not a big conspiracy theory kind of guy. But I do believe the deep state has a pretty large data base. I also think they have their own agenda. That leads us to the story of Kevin Rutherford’s bogus bust. Kevin told the story on an episode of Let’s Truck. Just look for … Read more

141. The Big Move, J B Weld, Kevin Rutherford’s CMC Course Question

Kevin Rutherford

Kevin Rutherford’s CMC Course Kevin Rutherford’s CMC course keeps coming up in my email questions. Although I’ve answered those emails, I’ve never brought it up on the show. The question that comes it is about Rutherford’s CMC seminar. Several of you want to know what I think of it or if they should sign up. … Read more