Buck and Don, Uncut


I doubt most people realize what it takes to produce a weekly podcast, run a website or two and work a full time trucking job. Granted, I work 4 days on, then have 4 days off, but I still have a life. There’s always more things to do than those 4 days allow. One giant … Read more

5 Fantastic Tow Vehicles That Will Turn Heads

5 Fantastic Tow Vehicles That Will Turn Heads

If you’re like us, you have a camper, a boat, or something you need to tow. We have a 21′ camper and we’re using an 07 Chevy Trail Blazer as a tow rig. The 4.2 liter 6 banger does fine, but you’ll notice it didn’t make our list. Although we think our SUV looks just … Read more

Should I Put A 77 Western Star Back On The Road?

The question, should I put a 77 Western Star back on the road, comes from a listener. We have never claimed to be experts, but we know where to find one. We tossed this question around a bit. Then we reached out to Brayden Tucker of Dying Breed Diesels. Brayden and his wife also own … Read more

199. Analog To Digital Trucking – And Podcasting

The new age of technology is here, like it or not. The change from analog to digital trucking will affect us all, good or bad. Electronic logs Adaptive cruise Dash cams Telematics GPS and adaptive cruise Autonomous trucking Block chain technology and brokerages 2018 Jeep Wrangler Owner’s Manual Leaked. Don found this one at Joloplink. We’ll … Read more

188. What Do Pringles, Classic Car and Motorcycle Shows Have In Common?

I’m driving the podcast solo this week. Don is out with the castle curator and family on a three day camping trip. So, here we go. Sex, Trucks and Rock n’ Roll Dennis Gage Bio If you’ve ever watched My Classic Car, you’ve seen Dennis Gage and his trademark handlebar mustache. You’ve also seen a … Read more