136. How To Stay Awake And Drive All Night, Dan Joins Us Once Again

The Trucking Podcast

Dan The Tax Man joins us for this episode. It should be fun. Once again I’m writing the post ahead of our actually recording the show. Here’s how it should go, but you know how accurate we are when it comes to sticking to an outline. Round Table Discussion About The Election I don’t want … Read more

131. Risk Management With Dan Organ, Buck’s New Job

Drake Tax Service

Risk management is the subject at the center of this episode. No Risk management discussion would be complete without having Dan Organ from Drake Tax Service involved in the conversation. We’re glad he was able to join us. Dan has been our go-to guy for taxes since 1999. Just follow the link to find out … Read more

125. Cat’s C15, Diesel Extreme, Hot Shot’s Secret, and What Happened to T-Tops?

Hot Shot's Secret, Diesel Extreme

Diesel Extreme from Hot Shot’s Secret is one of those products on the top of my recommend list. The reason is simple. You’ll see the results within the first thousand miles in nearly every application. I know this from personal experience. You can hear the whole road trip story in episode 69, Road Kill Style … Read more

112. Buying a Used Engine

Hot Shot's Secret, Diesel Extreme

We talked in episode 110 about Don’s truck, and buying a used engine to replace the worn out 4.9 liter 6 banger. You can hear it  here, at 110. Don the Beer Guy Kills His Ford 4.9. It was some interesting discussion about whether to replace a truck, or replace an engine. Bo From Hot … Read more