E-Logs, Swindle Sheets and Comic Books

You can expect to see some revisions in the Hours Of Service regulations soon. We will tell you what we know in this episode, but one change stands out. It brings back memories, but not all of those memories are good ones. One thing they’re talking about is being “more flexible” in allowing drivers to … Read more

71. Old Motor Homes, and You Should’ve Asked Us

You Should’ve Asked Us This is a new segment to the show. Don and I love answering questions. Good questions about important stuff. Questions asked of bigger talk show hosts than us. In this inaugural segment, Don and I will take on a question asked of Dave Ramsey on his radio show. Our answer is … Read more

12. Just the Best Trucking Podcast Ever

The Trucking Podcast, Episode 12 As we publish episode 12 of The Trucking Podcast we have to look back and see where we can grow. Where can we improve? What can we do better? Don and I want to bring you the podcast you just have to hear, every week. We also have to look … Read more

6 updated. 7 Things Truckers Do, And Others Never Do.

Truckers do things every day that most people never even think about. Not just being away from home. Not just dealing with the life over the road. Big things that we give little thought to. Today we will talk about 7 of these things. 7 Things Truckers Do, and Others Never Do. Haul 80,000 pounds, … Read more

3. Bridge Scale and Hours of Service

Bridge Scale Formula As most of you know, I’ve was over the road for better than a dozen years with 18 wheelers. Don, on the other hand, has only been driving for a year. Don’s always been local. I gave him an assignment for the week. Master the Bridge Scale Formula that we truckers are … Read more