105. Cigar Night with Dan Organ of Drake Tax Service

Drake Tax Service

Drake Tax Service Dan is back. Owner of Drake Tax Service, Dan is the go-to guy for getting your tax returns done. He’s also a great friend and adviser to The Trucking Podcast. As you can tell by the picture, Dan is the kind of guy who does it right or doesn’t do it at … Read more

91. Big Trucks, Little Trucks, They’re All Cool

Once again, we’re all over the board here. Show Links Porsche chooses Apple over Google – theverge.com Rudolf Diesel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cool cars and trucks you can’t have in the USA Popular Mechanics 51 cool trucks That last one just proves my point. These trucks are cool because ALL trucks are cool.

65. Welding The Sleeper Shut?

We all have a picture in mind of a bad truck. You know the one. That old spring suspension job you bounced around in. Or maybe that cab-over that froze your feet every winter. Or maybe it’s just an old, underpowered company truck with no air conditioning, and a laundry list of other needed repairs. … Read more

63. Rare 60’s Engines, Class 8 Truck Racing

U.S. Class 8 Truck Racing Class 8 truck racing is back. Called the Champ Truck Racing Series, the rules are set up to keep the cost of entry low. Small or large, any trucking company could afford to get into this if they desire. Read the full article at Truckernews.com. Be Safe and Drive All … Read more

61. Death of a Legacy

Death of a Legacy

Monday morning started out so well. It looked like an easy week. By Tuesday night my little Subaru Legacy was totaled. This ended up snowballing into working until late Friday evening, making up the lost time for not making that Tuesday night run. So, what do you do when you’re not quite sure you have … Read more