Three On The Tree And A Centipede

We’re taking a Father’s Day break from trucking stuff tonight. Instead, we’re talking about finding a good mechanic, a classic F-15o and some really cool garage stuff. 69 Ford F-150 VS Jeep Gladiator I’ve shared both vehicles on our Facebook page. The new Gladiator is on sale for 51k. Yes, it’s new. It’s also a … Read more

Navigating The Used Car Lot Game

Oh, the angles we could take on navigating the used car lot game. The wheeling and dealing, financing and warranties are all great topics. Let’s put all that aside for now and go back to the used car search. How did that used car end up where you’re seeing it? I use the word CAR … Read more

204. 7 Things That Just Don’t Work In Winter

I know we could name dozens more, bu here are 7 things that just don’t work in winter. We picked these 7 because they are things you usually carry on the truck. You count on them to work as intended. Air Horns. Here’s one you usually count on. When you need to get someone’s attention, … Read more

190. The Dog Ate My Homework

Excuses are like… well, you know. We all have one. Hopefully, mine are coming to an end. This pile of cabinets will be well on their way to being installed in our kitchen by the time this episode is published. The kitchen remodel is the last big project in our new home. I am totally … Read more

188. What Do Pringles, Classic Car and Motorcycle Shows Have In Common?

I’m driving the podcast solo this week. Don is out with the castle curator and family on a three day camping trip. So, here we go. Sex, Trucks and Rock n’ Roll Dennis Gage Bio If you’ve ever watched My Classic Car, you’ve seen Dennis Gage and his trademark handlebar mustache. You’ve also seen a … Read more