Fuel Surcharge – 9 Things You Need To Know

The history of trucking’s fuel surcharge is a long one. I’m sure there have been versions of adjusting for fuel prices nearly as long as there have been fuel powered trucks. It wasn’t until the 70s that we saw the start of something uniform. With the Arab oil embargo in full swing, fuel prices skyrocketed. Trucking … Read more

Are Freight Broker Relationships Overrated?

You know the mantra. Having strong freight broker relationships will make you more money. Since the broker already knows you, he’s just going to step up to the plate. Let’s look at the realities of any sales relationship. The buyer and seller both see the value of repeat business. But you have to know just … Read more

193. Playmate Cars and Safety Bonuses

How does The Trucking Podcast acknowledge the death of Hugh Hefner? Playmate cars, of course. Hefner gave every Playmate Of The Year a car. Autoguide.com brings us the list. Interesting to note, the only playmate car on the list that isn’t pink is a red Corvette. From Playmate Cars To Safety Bonuses How’s that for … Read more

168. Load Boards, An Odd Challenger and a New Kenworth

Load boards, one bad Dodge Challenger and one new Kenworth. Wrap this around my new way of doing show notes and you could have a mess on your hands. Load Boards Post You’ll find my post titled Load Boards, Hours of Service and Spot Market Freight by following the link. The article is a good … Read more

3 Steps To Using Broker Loads To Find In House Freight.

Trucker's Edge Flyer

Find In-House Freight For Your Trucking Business If you want to find in-house freight for your trucking business, those brokered loads are a great way to get started. After all, you already have a feel of how that customer does business, and what’s important to them. You know if they hold drivers up for hours, … Read more