Do I Really Need A Dually For Hotshot Trucking?

A dually certainly isn’t a requirement for hotshot trucking. Having used both, I highly recommend using a dually in most applications. Nearly every reason some hotshot truckers chose single rear wheels is based on false assumptions. This article is about helping you avoid the same mistakes.

7 Proven Questions For Buying A Used Hotshot Pickup

Buying a used hotshot pickup

After trucking well over 2 decades, I know a thing or two about buying a hotshot pickup.  Nearly 7 of those years were spent on the hotshot side. Through the years, I’ve been involved in selecting several trucks. One of the trucks was mine, and several were company trucks. Running many of these trucks harder … Read more

Three On The Tree And A Centipede

We’re taking a Father’s Day break from trucking stuff tonight. Instead, we’re talking about finding a good mechanic, a classic F-15o and some really cool garage stuff. 69 Ford F-150 VS Jeep Gladiator I’ve shared both vehicles on our Facebook page. The new Gladiator is on sale for 51k. Yes, it’s new. It’s also a … Read more

A $16,500 Classic Ford 9000 Money Maker

How’s this for a starter truck? A 1989 Ford LTL 9000 with a Cummins Big Cam 400 and  13 speed. I found this one on Brayden Tucker and his wife own the site, and Tucker Equipment. They also have a killer facebook group, Dying Breed Diesels. I was curious about fuel economy out of … Read more

5 Fantastic Tow Vehicles That Will Turn Heads

5 Fantastic Tow Vehicles That Will Turn Heads

If you’re like us, you have a camper, a boat, or something you need to tow. We have a 21′ camper and we’re using an 07 Chevy Trail Blazer as a tow rig. The 4.2 liter 6 banger does fine, but you’ll notice it didn’t make our list. Although we think our SUV looks just … Read more