7 Tools To Finding Higher Paying Truck Loads

Higher Paying Loads

7 tools For Finding Higher Paying Truck Loads The goal of every independent owner operator is always to find higher paying loads. But it seems that 95% of the independents find enough load board freight to keep their heads above water, slip into a comfort zone and stay there. That’s a major reason the average … Read more

Trucker’s Edge Pro, Home On The Road

Trucker's Edge Pro

Today we will be talking with Todd Kalhar from DAT®. Todd joins us to talk about two new things. Trucker’s Edge Pro, and Trucker’s Edge 2.0. These two items bring owner operators more money-making tools and an easier user interface. Okay! No more techy words. An easier user interface simply means that Trucker’s edge is … Read more

3 Steps To Using Broker Loads To Find In House Freight.

Trucker's Edge Flyer

Find In-House Freight For Your Trucking Business If you want to find in-house freight for your trucking business, those brokered loads are a great way to get started. After all, you already have a feel of how that customer does business, and what’s important to them. You know if they hold drivers up for hours, … Read more

127. Load Board 101 with Sandy Cahill from Trucker’s Edge

Load Board Freight

Load Boards and Podcast Players What could a load board service and a podcast player possibly have in common? I find it an interesting analogy to compare the two. Want the most comprehensive selection of podcasts? iTunes is a no-brainer. Every podcaster I know gets about 70% of their traffic from the iTunes podcast app. … Read more

5 Ways Trucker’s Edge Makes You More Money

Trucker's Edge to make more money

Before I talk about Trucker’s Edge, or any load board service, let’s take a quick look at how most owner operators work. I’ve been in the trucking business for almost 20 years. I’m always learning. Mostly questioning, trying to find out why some drivers do what they do. Especially owner operators. Trucker’s  Edge could easily help … Read more