The Dirty Truth About Electric Cars And Trucks

Before we dig into the dirty truth about electric cars and trucks, I’d like to give you my slant, my view of the world as it pertains to the new wave of vehicles coming on board. I’m a trucker, gear head, and someone concerned about both the social and environmental impact of these new vehicles. … Read more

Load Boards – Is LTL Better Than Multi-Stop?

Load Boards - Is LTL Better Than Multi-Stop?

LTL and multi-stop truck loads are certainly not for the lazy. It’s tough work to book, plan and perform. So why not ask the question, is LTL better than multi-stop when it comes to increasing revenue? Before we actually take the question on, let’s define what each category is, and how they work. We won’t … Read more

88. Advice For A Struggling Hot Shot Trucker

hot shot trucking advice

Show Notes – In No Particular Order I had a chance to give a little bit of advice to a hot shot trucker. After a bad experience with the company he was leased on with, he really needed to get back on his feet. You will have to listen to the show for details. Common … Read more

72. The EPA Killing the Big Trucks – And Jeeps?

Killing the Big Trucks I finally found someone willing to admit it. Not just anyone, but someone high up in the EPA. This is a total can of worms to unravel, but look at it this way. A powerful group of people you don’t know, didn’t vote for, and can’t get rid of want to … Read more