207. Seven Reasons You’ll Make More Money Trucking In 2018

make more money trucking in 2018

If you don’t make more money trucking in 2018, you’re probably doing something wrong. 2018 shows all the signs of being a banner year for all those involved in the moving of freight. Call it the perfect storm, the aligning of the stars or the trucking ducks in a perfect little row. Any way you … Read more

199. Analog To Digital Trucking – And Podcasting

The new age of technology is here, like it or not. The change from analog to digital trucking will affect us all, good or bad. Electronic logs Adaptive cruise Dash cams Telematics GPS and adaptive cruise Autonomous trucking Block chain technology and brokerages 2018 Jeep Wrangler Owner’s Manual Leaked. Don found this one at Joloplink. We’ll … Read more

1.The First Episode, Title Changed to Keep Listeners Happy

Here’s the YouTube video of the week, the Fork Lift Beer Accident. We make blow-by-blow commentary, but you have to see it. Living proof that you just can’t fix stupid. Maybe he should have paid more attention in high school physics. According to a OOIDA  survey, 51 percent of you are going to quit driving … Read more