Do I Really Need A Dually For Hotshot Trucking?

A dually certainly isn’t a requirement for hotshot trucking. Having used both, I highly recommend using a dually in most applications. Nearly every reason some hotshot truckers chose single rear wheels is based on false assumptions. This article is about helping you avoid the same mistakes.

Do I Need A Dually For Hotshot Trucking?

Dually hotshot pickup

Today we take on the age old question, do I need a dually for hotshot trucking? Hotshot trucking is a passion I’ve pursued, followed and been active in for years. I’ll remind you right up front, I’ve delivered hotshot loads with both single and dual rear wheeled pickups, from heavy 3/4 tons to dual rear … Read more

90. Duramax, Powerstroke or Cummins, Which is the Best Hot Shot Pickup?

the best hot shot pickup

Which Diesel Dually is the best hot shot pickup? Ask 3 hot shotters and you may get 4 answers. Being asked as many times as I have, I think it’s time I give you my thoughts on the debate. Let’s Start With A Few Assumptions This isn’t your commuter vehicle or your weekend RV puller. … Read more

43. The Gear Head Episode

My Chevy Truck Rant I had to make a change from the old Dodge dually with 400,000 miles, to a new 2015 Chevy Duramax Dually. I’m not a happy camper, and I’m begging for the old truck back. Whoever designed the new Chevrolet and GMC trucks must drive a Prius, a Kia or some other … Read more