Intermodal Containers Crossing The Scales

For starters, the farthest I’ve ever had to haul a container is about a mile. I don’t really haul them. I spot them. The hardest thing I have to do is open and close the doors. But intermodal containers crossing the scales makes my head hurt. Those container frames are abused. Lucky for you (and … Read more

211. Three Hot Shot Trucking Game Changers, DOT Cop In The Studio

If you know me at all, you know I love hot shot trucking. I have nearly 7 years experience in hot shotting. I spent a year hauling RVs as an owner operator. I also spent  almost 6 years hauling livestock with a 1 ton dually and goose-neck trailer. I made good money doing both. I … Read more

195. DOT Cop In The Studio

Well, it’s not quite a DOT cop in the studio. Let’s try retired DOT cop on the phone. While that’s a bit more accurate, it’s nowhere near as catchy. Today’s guest is Kevin Colton, PTI’s safety director in Atlanta, GA. With his background in trucking, law enforcement, motor carrier enforcement and now on the PTI … Read more

194. Why Do Trucks Get Pulled Over? Here’s 11 Common Reasons.

Why do trucks get pulled over

If you want to know how not to get pulled over, ask one question. Why do trucks get pulled over in the first place? This certainly isn’t an all inclusive list of how to never get stopped. But it is a great place to start if you want to drastically improve your odds for an … Read more