7 Proven Questions For Buying A Used Hotshot Pickup

Buying a used hotshot pickup

After trucking well over 2 decades, I know a thing or two about buying a hotshot pickup.  Nearly 7 of those years were spent on the hotshot side. Through the years, I’ve been involved in selecting several trucks. One of the trucks was mine, and several were company trucks. Running many of these trucks harder … Read more

What Is Hotshot Trucking? Art Bell Passes

What Is Hot Shot Trucking? This question came from a listener in the UK. I can totally understand why the term hotshot trucking would be confusing. It doesn’t mater what side of the pond you’re on. We’re all in a hurry to meet a delivery time. We’ll try to narrow it down. Does hotshot trucking … Read more

106. Women Prefer Men In Pickups, Ford Hi Boys

Women prefer men in pickups

What you drive tells a lot about you. Who you are and what floats your boat can often be read through the rolling stock you own. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule. Generally,  the stereotype associated with your vehicle of choice says something. Why Women Prefer Men In Pickup Trucks According to a recent … Read more

103. Want To Buy A Truck?

Want to buy a truck?

Yep! Buck did it again and found another gem. Did I want to buy a truck? No. Did I want to buy a Rutledge Wood truck? Definitely. If you wonder what a Rutledge Wood vehicle is, it’s a car or truck in the $2,000 range. We talked about it in episode 101, The Rutledge Wood … Read more