125. Cat’s C15, Diesel Extreme, Hot Shot’s Secret, and What Happened to T-Tops?

Hot Shot's Secret, Diesel Extreme

Diesel Extreme from Hot Shot’s Secret is one of those products on the top of my recommend list. The reason is simple. You’ll see the results within the first thousand miles in nearly every application. I know this from personal experience. You can hear the whole road trip story in episode 69, Road Kill Style … Read more

Great Video On Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme

Diesel Extreme by Hot Shot’s Secret Protects Your Engine As I mentioned back in June, I used Hot Shot’s Secret’s Diesel Extreme in my old Ford 7.3. You can read the post, Three Reasons I Use Diesel Extreme, if you’ve missed it when it was published. Unlike my old ’92 F250, newer diesels have extremely … Read more

3 Reasons I Use Diesel Extreme by Hot Shot’s Secret

Hot Shot's Secret, Diesel Extreme

Any type of fuel additive seems to draw a certain amount of skepticism. Some claim it’s all snake oil and not needed. The folks who engineer the diesel fuel are college-educated and know what they’re doing. Any money spent on additives is wasted money. This view is quite short-sided. It doesn’t consider the amount of … Read more