Are Free Load Boards Really Worth It?

Are Free Load Boards Really Worth It

Take another look at the question, ARE FREE LOAD BOARDS WORTH IT? A better question would be are they worth your time and effort? Can you find a good truckload at a competitive rate on a free load board? I’m not talking about subscription services with a free trial. I’m talking about no cost, free … Read more

Why Do Big Trucking Companies Broker Out Some Loads?

Why do big trucking companies broker out some loads?

Years ago, I was dispatched a load that my employer booked through a large carrier. I was 350 miles from home on a Friday morning. That load was my ticket to dinner with the family. BUT NO! That load of scrap-paper bales was already on a trailer. Somehow, the weight of the scrap and the … Read more


What Is Trucker's Edge Ultimate Guide

Trucker’s Edge is a subscription load board uniquely designed and offered by DAT, the internet’s biggest load board. Designed for independent owner operators, Trucker’s Edge was built with a focus on owners with 1-5 trucks. Trucker’s Edge offers 3 plans, from $39.95 to 99.95 per month. They also have a free mobile app for use … Read more

7 Tools To Finding Higher Paying Truck Loads

Higher Paying Loads

7 tools For Finding Higher Paying Truck Loads The goal of every independent owner operator is always to find higher paying loads. But it seems that 95% of the independents find enough load board freight to keep their heads above water, slip into a comfort zone and stay there. That’s a major reason the average … Read more

Trucker’s Edge Pro, Home On The Road

Trucker's Edge Pro

Today we will be talking with Todd Kalhar from DAT®. Todd joins us to talk about two new things. Trucker’s Edge Pro, and Trucker’s Edge 2.0. These two items bring owner operators more money-making tools and an easier user interface. Okay! No more techy words. An easier user interface simply means that Trucker’s edge is … Read more