What’s Up With 87,000 New IRS Agents-Dan The Tax Man

In this episode, we will be talking with Dan Organ, my go-to tax guy for nearly 25 years. Dan and I did a lot of catching up and talked about taxes and our favorite binge-worthy shows on Amazon, Netflix, and other platforms. To contact Dan, just follow any of the options on his website, DrakeTaxService.com. … Read more

Catching Up With Dan Organ, Owner Of Drake Tax Service

Update: If you caught the origional release of this episode, you’ll find I had the wrong audio file attached. This is the correction with the right file. Sorry for the confusion. I had enough time and content to toss in an extra show this week, a great conversation with Dan Organ of Drake Tax Service. … Read more

My Wife Spends All My Money

My Wife Spends All My Money

Seriously, I wouldn’t write about this if I didn’t hear it regularly. My wife spends all my money is a major objection for why some men can’t buy a truck and start their own trucking company. Kris and I have been married for 35 years and owned a business or two. We’ve also raised 3 … Read more

Want To Be An Owner Operator?

This is a flashback episode. While Kris and I are basking in the Florida sun, you can catch some great advice from Dan Organ. He’s our go-to tax guy. This conversation was originally recorded in August 2015, but it’s still quite relevant. Dan is also quite entertaining. Don, the Castle Curator and I will be back … Read more

The Best 401K For Owner Operators

The best 401K for owner operators question was motivated by a Facebook message. The question was asked by a listener who’s thinking of making the change from company driver to owner operator. He’s a new listener, and was catching up on previous episodes. After catching Episode  176, he was curious about what an owner operator would … Read more