What’s The Best CB Antenna For Pickups?

What’s The Best CB Antenna For Pickups?

Again this week, a hot topic. What’s the best CB antenna for a pickup? We’re going to make 3 assumptions, right out of the chute. Whether you’re using your pickup for work or play, you’re going to tow something with it sooner or later. Towing or not, you want the best service out of that … Read more

21. Trucking. It’s Not Rocket Science.

Once gain, technology bites us in the butt. After upgrading to Windows 10, I thought every system was checked. NOPE! We had a few issues bringing in the bump music. We solved the problem last night, right after the show ended. The normal intro will be back next week, but you’ll have to put up … Read more

Cobra 75 WXST Review

I bought the CB radio in this picture, a Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio back in 2008. It was a great radio then, and it’s just as great seven years later. The main reason I bought it was space. I had just transitioned from a 379 Peterbilt to a 3/4 ton diesel pickup. As a … Read more

Buying a CB Radio

FOUR! The magic number, by law. By law, a Mobile CB radio is limited to four watts of power. That means the possible range of all radios is about the same.   Your choice of radio is mainly a matter of three things. 3 Considerations to Buying a CB Radio Cost available space desired features Let’s … Read more